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Flu Shots are now available!
Call the office to book an appointment.  

Please Note! 

*Effective 7/22/2019*

There will be a $10 charge for completion of the listed forms if not completed
at the time of the child's physical appointment. 
This pertains to all camp forms, pop warner, and football forms. 
If your child needs one of the above forms, please ask at the time of the appointment. 
FMLA, Disability and AFLAC are $25 for completion.

Pay Your Bill With Patient Portal


You can now pay your bill online using your patient portal account. If you do not have a portal account, but would like one please contact our office and we would be happy to help you set up an account. 

Flu Shots
A Note from Dr. Terasaka:
It takes about 2 weeks for protection from the flu to develop after a vaccination.  This protection will last about 6 months.  Flu shots should be given to cover the months when the flu is most likely to be in the area, which in Syracuse is from December through March. 

The Story of Dr. Goofy
A Note from Dr. Terasaka




Some you have had the unique experience of meeting the character that I play at Wee Care Pediatrics. Some kids roll their eyes when he comes in. Others start laughing. Others can’t believe what is going on. One thing in common is that it is never boring. 

But where did Dr. Goofy come from? 

Answer: Mickey Mouse Medicine


The idea was born in a local hospital in over 20 years ago. I was in my residency training, meaning that I was actually learning to be a doctor and was gaining experience. (Somehow I never quite got it….I was practicing then and I am still practicing now) A 4 year old girl came into the hospital for a surgery. My job was to check her breathing and health to be sure that she was well enough to go through everything that she had to. Only one problem, she DID NOT want to be there. She made it clear that no one was going to take her temperature, her blood pressure or anything else. I am sure that the nurses on the floor were planning my funeral when I went into the room


When I got into the room, this poor 4 year old was sitting on the bed, all alone and with her arms folded across her chest. She did not say anything verbally. I understood…


What should I do? Fortunately with some quick thinking, I made a profound medical observation. 

“You are having a bad day!” I said.

“I WANT TO GO HOME!” she replied. “DON’T TOUCH ME!” 

Then a revelation; It was time to change the approach…..

“Wait!" I said. "I think I know someone here who can help you get through this.”

I left the room and went to my call room locker on the floor. Somehow I had a little visor with a Mickey Mouse head on the top. I got it and put it on. I walked past a few nurses and other rooms on the floor. For the moment, I just could not care what the world would think of me. I went back to that little girl’s room.  

“Hi! I heard you needed some help. That other doctor sent me here. I AM DR MICKEY MOUSE!”

The little girl looked at me….and all the fears went away.  

“OK! What do you want me to do?”

Dr. Mickey had made a new friend. He was finished in 5 minutes. The little girl had her surgery and went home……

The need to make kids feel valued and not threatened during a medical visit was forever imprinted on my life that day. Although it is not applicable in all cases (like a life threatening critically ill situation) listening to others and relating to them on their level applies not only to my approach to kids, but hopefully to everything in life, especially in the life of Wee Care Pediatrics.






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